Finishing and Appearance Caps, Plugs and Grips

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Finishing and Appearance Caps, Plugs and Grips

MOCAP Offers a Wide Variety of Caps and Plugs to Finish, Decorate or Complete the Assembly of Your Product.

MOCAP - Round Vinyl Plastic Caps

Flexible Plastic Caps are available in round, square and hex shapes to provide a quality, finished appearance to any product.

MOCAP - Flat Vinyl Plastic Caps and Grips

Flexible Plastic Grips are available in round and flat rectangular sizes to fit handles, levers, tools, rods, and stems.

MOCAP - Sheet Metal Hole Plugs Flush Standard

Plastic Sheet Metal Plugs are available in flush standard, flush metric or recessed design to fit imperial/standard and metric size holes.

Tubing End Plugs are available in sizes to fit standard and metric sizes of round, square and rectangular tubes.

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