Moulding Processes

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Moulding Processes

MOCAP offers more because we own and operate multiple manufacturing facilities which specialize in several manufacturing processes. They are as follows:

Vinyl (PVC) Dip Moulding

MOCAP's Vinyl Dip Moulding capabilities are second-to-none. We stock a wide range of plastisol PVC materials used to make the flexible vinyl plastic caps, plugs, handle grips and masking products you need. If your product or project requires a dip moulded part in a special colour, hardness or texture, we can deliver. Size is rarely a concern as we can produce dip moulded parts as large as 260mm (10.24") diameter and from 4.8mm (0.19") to over 400mm (15.75") long. Of course every process has its limitations, so please Contact MOCAP to discuss your specific custom project.

The most common dip moulded items MOCAP produces are traditional round vinyl caps and round vinyl handle grips, however MOCAP is also the industry leader at producing low-cost high-quality custom dip moulded products.
Dip Moulding Explained
The dip moulding process involves sets of identical moulds pre-heated then simultaneously lowered or "dipped" into a pool of liquid plastisol PVC vinyl material. The moulds are held in the liquid material at the desired depth for a specific period of time to ensure the correct amount of material clings to the mould. The moulds are then lifted out of the liquid material and transported through an oven where the liquid plastic material is baked/cured into the desired part. The parts and moulds are then cooled to a temperature which allows the parts to be stripped from the moulds at the end of the process. The cycle repeats until the desired quantity of parts has been made.

Plastic Injection Moulding

The Plastic Injection Moulding process produces the most consistent and cost-effective parts from commercial grade thermoplastic resins. Plastic Injection Moulding can produce plastic parts to tight tolerances and demanding specifications. MOCAP continues to satisfy your needs by providing custom plastic injection moulding for more choices of caps, plugs, grips and other plastic products by expanding the sizes, shapes and types of plastic injection moulded products we manufacture and stock.

Thermoset Rubber Injection and Compression Moulding

MOCAP EPDM and Silicone Rubber products are made using state of the art rubber injection or rubber compression moulding processes. Rubber moulding differs from plastic injection moulding in that rubber products are "themo-set", meaning the raw material is cured or hardened when heat is applied. The raw material is injected into the mould cavities under pressure and when heat is applied to the mould and held for a period of time, the material cures or "sets" into the shape of the cavity. When the mould is opened, the resulting parts are removed and the cycle repeats. MOCAP offers years of experience in rubber moulding including processing a wide range of thermoset rubber materials like Silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, SBR, and Viton®.

Plastic Extrusion

MOCAP manufactures a full line of semi-rigid clear extruded plastic tubes commonly used to package products in a unique, highly visible manner. Produced in a wide assorment of sizes, styles, wall thicknesses and lengths, our packaging tubes are ideal for use in many different industries. Visit for more information.

Silicone Rubber Extrusion

We utilize the most advanced equipment and systems to produce extruded silicone rubber products including silicone tubing and X-Treme Tape™, our self-bonding silicone wrap which resists x-tremes in temperature, electricity, moisture, corrosion and contaminates.

Secondary Operations

When your application requires something more than a standard part, MOCAP offers several secondary operations to convert, enhance or improve your products.
  • Printing can add your logo or other valuable information to most vinyl dip moulded caps, plugs and handle grips.
  • Slicing to remove a portion of the item to create a custom fit or function.
  • Slitting to add a slot or thin opening.
  • Punching to create a hole or custome shape not possible through typical moulding processes.
  • Assembly to create products from components, or add a package to your product.

Contact MOCAP for more information on our moulding processes and plastic and rubber mould making services.

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