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Vinyl Plastic Plugs

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  • Material: Vinyl
  • Flexible Yet Durable - Won't Split, Tear or Shred
  • Wide Flange for Easy Removal
  • Stretches for a Snug Fit but Won't Split, Tear or Shred
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Size Chart Flexible Vinyl Tube Plug


CMCP Size Chart

Part # Description To Fit METRIC Thread To Fit STD Thread To Fit NPT Flange OD
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CMCP05S UK Vinyl Plastic Plugs CMCP05S M6 1/4 10.2 2574 514 51
CMCP1S UK Rubber End Plugs CMCP1S M8 5/16 11.7 2574 514 51
CMCP2S UK Plastic End Plugs CMCP2S M10 3/8 1/8 12.6 2640 528 52
CMCP25S UK Vinyl Tube End Plugs CMCP25S M12 7/16 14.0 2646 529 52
CMCP3S UK Rubber hole plugs CMCP3S M14 1/2 1/4 15.7 2700 540 54
CMCP35S UK Rubber Insertion Plugs CMCP35S M16 9/16 17.3 2544 508 50
CMCP4S UK Vinyl Insertion Plugs CMCP4S M18 5/8 3/8 20.5 2560 512 51
CMCP5S UK Flexible Vinyl Tube Plug CMCP5S M20 3/4 1/2 24.4 2592 518 51
CMCP55S UK Flexible Plastic Stopper CMCP55S M22/24 7/8 26.9 1344 268 26
CMCP6S UK Vinyl Plastic Plugs CMCP6S M26/28 1-1/16 3/4 31.6 1320 264 26
CMCP7S UK Rubber End Plugs CMCP7S M32/34 1-1/8, 1-3/16, 1-1/4 1 38.0 1377 275 27
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NOTE: Due to the inherent variability of the dip-molding process, the "Flange OD" may vary by +/-1.6mm (1/16") from the figures shown above.
Wall thickness is measured approx. 6.35mm (.25 inch) from open end. Wall thickness increases slightly towards the closed end of the part
Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.

Not sure what part you need? Would you like to consider another type or part, or a different material?
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Vinyl Plastic Plugs - Information

MOCAP Vinyl Plastic Plugs are perfect for shipping, masking and thread protectors. Use these plastic plugs to protect valves, pumps, cylinders, tubing and other applications.

Flexible plastic plugs compress within holes to form a snug fit that keeps dust, debris and contaminants out. Plastic plugs have a wide flange for easy install and removal. Use MOCAP plastic plug as pipe plug, hole plug, masking plug or lower cost alternative to rubber plug.

MOCAP round vinyl plastic plugs are available in sizes to fit 1/4" through 1-1/4" satndard threaded holes, M6 through M40 metric openings and 1/2 through 1 NPT openings.

Product Protection
Use our vinyl plastic plugs as durable and inexpensive plugs to protect your product during assembly or shipping.

Masking Applications
MOCAP vinyl plastic plugs are often used as inexpensive and disposable single use masking plugs for painting and coating processes under 100°C (212°F). For higher temperatures, consider our High Temperature Vinyl good to 230°C (446°F), EPDM Masking Products good to 149°C (300°F), or our Silicone Masking Products good to over 316°C (600°F).


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